Truck Caps, Covers & Lids

Truck Caps

All of our caps are available with several window and door options.
All units feature a trimless bottom outside edge for a truly finished look. All windows and doors are tempered safety glass, with dark tint and black anodized frames.

Cyber Series
Top of the Line - All the Way. The Ultimate LOOK!
NO BOUNDARIES! The very best in sleek design and futuristic styling is found in the Cyber. The Cyber features rounded curves with a skirted / wrap-over-the-rail design highlighting the trucks styling. Recessed side windows, doors and L.E.D. brake light conform to your truck, enhancing the trucks total look. Side windows have a rear crank-out vent with screens. The all glass rear door features curved styling with a rotary latch / lock system with a push button release. If you are looking for an advanced combination of great SUV looks and top quality, this is it!

Extreme Series
Jason's premium line offering the best combination of style, function and value.

This premium truck cover comes with all the features and benefits that fit today's demanding lifestyle while providing advanced styling at a remarkable value. The Extreme features an advanced design frameless - all glass - rear door, coupled with side recessed, curved all glass windows which includes rear crank-out vents with screens. This bold and confident look accents your truck. It's the EXTREME!

The Zone --- top notch styling, value and versatility!

The Zone has unique features bring together three key components - styling, value and versatility. With custom fits, the Zone looks right on your truck. The handsome all-glass rear door with Jason's exclusive oval twist handle moves the Zone to a different level. The Zone can be configured to agree with your needs via a host of standard and optional equipment. Consider these available value options: oversized side windows, front sliding window, carpet interior, interior lighting, and roof racks. This premium line of truck caps exemplifies a spirited design that shows the passion we have for our products and our customers' life style. Like all our products, the Zone is superior in quality, exciting, carefully engineered and dependable. It just does not get any better than this!

Infinity Series
Combination of Jason's outstanding style and exceptional afforability in a cab hi wrap-over-the-rail design.

The infinite design..... Infinity's wrap-over-the-rail design is sleek and sporty. This model is engineered to fit trucks that have factory installed rail caps. Infinity's come standard with 16 inch tall oversized 1/3 side windows. Infinity and beyond ... outstanding styling and exceptional affordability.

Trek Series
Our newest above cab design. Refined lines, pleasing profiles and soft contours...... ready for work or play!

High roof / above cab design provides more tailgate entry space and headroom for larger loads. This is the primary feature the Trek series offers. Note that the roofline slopes higher behind the cab increasing available cargo area. The Trek shown has the optional 16 tall 1/3 side sliding windows. Stylish and practical, the Trek is ideal for leisure and commercial purposes.

Force Series
Jason's high-roof style cap that provides incredible tailgate entry space and headroom for larger loads.

The Force high-roof is Jason's most spacious model. The high roof extends almost to the front of the cap and the oversized door is as big as you can get. Standard are the double bays and sliding side windows offering plenty of visibility. There are a number of side window configurations intended to meet your needs. If you often need to protect, secure and transport bulky items, the Force high-rise is ideal for you. Jason caps are a great value! They fit your budget and deliver superb style, quality, and fit & finish.

Pace Series
The Pace - Down To Basics

Sleek - Streamline - Sporty - Affordable... all describe the value built into every Jason Pace Cab High. These very affordable caps deliver our superior quality along with great style and function. The Pace's efficient good looks, reasonable price, and road-proven performance make it a great choice. The Cab High Pace Series is available in a wide array of side window packages. See our catalogue for details.

Truck Lids & Covers

All Ranch tonneau covers come complete with lift assist arms, black powder coated frames, pull down strap, lifetime warranty on paint and fiberglass, wrap over tailgate for security, and easy-to-install one piece mounting system.

Sportlid Wrap
taking our standard to the next level, our trimless wrapover model comes complete with all the features of out base sportlid while also wrapping over the bed rails for added appearance and sealing.

A competitively priced high line model with all of the features of out sportlid wrap plus stylelines that are consistent in appearance from truck to truck.

Lid Options

• Wing with Led Brakelite
• Westin Roof Racks
• Keyless Entry
• Fabric Headliner
• Battery Domelite
• Protective Shrink Wrap

Retrax Product Benefits

One Piece Polycarbonate (LEXAN ®) Design -
A durable thermoplastic commonly known as LEXAN® that is UV treated for protection from the sun.

Strength - The cover is reinforced with up to 20 tempered aluminum support beams embedded every 4 3/4", which will hold 200 lbs. and can easily support heavy snow loads. The cover is strong enough to stand on (not recommended).

Sealed Ball-bearing Rollers - Sealed ball-bearing rollers mounted onto each end of the aluminum support beams allow the cover to retract or close easily without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism. Anti-bind ball-bearings mounted horizontally prevent the cover from binding as it is opened or closed.

Spiral Track Storage System - Unique spiral track system that prevents the cover from touching itself as it retracts, which eliminates wear-and-tear on the cover. No moving parts to jam, freeze or fail.

Lockable In Any Position Along The Rail -
Cover can be latched or key locked in any position along the rail. Tailgate works independently of the rolling cover.

Lock Handle - The flush-mounted lock handle, located at the rear on the driver's side, provides easy access when opening and closing the cover.

Tailgate Area - The RETRAX™ bed cover overlaps the top of the tailgate utilizing an automotive grade weather strip seal.

Weather Protection - The patented RETRAX ™ low-profile design uses a front cover that is flush with the rolling cover; this streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal to help keep the bed dry. This design incorporates automotive grade weather strip to keep water, snow, ice and dust out of the bed.

Maintenance - No special maintenance required. Wash and wax the cover like you would the hood of your truck.

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